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Men's Health Starts Here!

Men’s health week is June 11th - 18th, and to celebrate the men in our lives we’re offering 10% off the supplements that help keep men in prime health! From June 11th - June 19th enjoy a 10% discount on Finest Pure Fish Oil by Pharmax, AR-ENCAP by Thorne Research, and Glysen-Synergy by Apex Energetics! Call 703.291.6677 to schedule an appointment or stop in today!

Finest Pure Fish Oil (softgels and liquid versions), by Pharmax

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for human life, growth and development. Lack of dietary intake of these important fats and overconsumption of unhealthy fats contributes to many chronic diseases. The human body cannot make these fats, so we must get them from diet and supplementation. Omega-3’s are so important because they are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, and have a significant impact on heart and brain health.

Benefits for Dads:

  • Evidence shows fish oil can lower blood pressure

  • Lowers Triglyceride levels, and increase HDL (the good cholesterol)

  • Helps with inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

  • Reduces risk of heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, IBS, Alzheimer’s, just to name a few.

  • Helps support a healthy brain and benefits those with ADD/ADHD/ASD



AR-ENCAP, by Thorne Research

Comprehensive joint support - with Meriva (curcumin-phosphatidylcholine complex) for enhanced absorption. AR-ENCAP helps support joint collagen by helping reduce inflammation in healthy joint tissue, and support the collagen matrix with glucosamine sulfate and MSM. What sets this supplement apart is the added bromelain, Boswellia, curcumin, and phosphatidylcholine. These ingredients enhance blood flow and reduce inflamed joints.

Benefits for Dads:

  • Less achy stiff joints

  • Supporting healthy collagen function

  • Helps enhance circulation and joint inflammation

  • Supports joint mobility

Glysen-Synergy, by Apex Energetics

Powerful combination of supplements specifically targeted to help support blood sugar and improve the health of those concerned with insulin resistance and diabetic issues. Glysen-Synergy combines four complementary formulas that each support sugar metabolism and help maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range.  Glysen™, Adaptocrine™, Fibromin™, and Protoglysen™ are combined into one easy-to-use package for the client. Each serving is packaged individually with the combination of these four formulas. This combination includes a select range of high-quality extracts to support the metabolism and peripheral utilization of sugars.  Additionally, Glysen-Synergy helps support the adrenals.

Benefits for Dads

  • Supports healthy blood sugar and insulin resistance

  • Helps those trying to maintain a stable, healthy diet

  • Helps reduce risk of Type II Diabetes

  • Also contains fiber and supports natural energy production

*All supplements are derived from the highest quality of sources and are gluten-free, soy free, corn free, and sources of only natural ingredients.



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