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Are you suffering from spinal related pains and looking for the right chiropractor in Fairfax, VA? Well you are not alone! Too often people suffering from various sources of pain and injury are left with worries or fears concerning their health and well being. Here at the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center, we are thrilled to bring you answers and solutions to any of your questions. Whether you were looking for a safe and non-invasive health care alternative, or simply haven’t had success with your current concern; you have come to the right place. If you believe the quality of your life can and DESERVES to improve, let our team help show you the way.

Our Fairfax Chiropractors focus on finding what ails and/or pains your body and then we can recommend a drug-free, non-surgical alternative method of treatment. Whether it be adjustments to the spine, boosting the central nervous system or physical therapy, alternatives exist to lifelong pain, medications or surgery. Our doctors take great pride in providing the finest level of wellness care to our patients and we think our patients agree!

Our Physical Therapy Treatments

Our center uses the latest rehabilitation protocols to increase strength, mobility, flexibility, and stamina within our patients. Through cutting-edge functional exercise, new technology, and a dedicated staff of professionals, we’ll help you reach your goals and get back to life!

Physical Therapy can aid in those suffering from injuries, back pain, neck pain, disc damage, leg and arm pain, shoulder pain, ankle sprains and strains, dizziness/vertigo, motor/sensory dysfunction, and more. Let us show you just what can be accomplished with loving help, support, and guidance.

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    I’ve lived in Northern Virginia for almost my whole life. I love this community and am so excited to use the knowledge & skills I’ve gained to help others. I’ve always had a deep passion for health and fitness. 

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  • "I have been part of the Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center family for six months. I have chronic knee and back pain, so I go two - three times per week, I always look forward to my appointments! I always receive a friendly welcome, the best of care, great advice, a boost to my self-confidence and even a few laughs to keep me cheerful! This practice is exceptional and I highly recommend it!"
    - Debbie D. / Fairfax, VA